SK Build is a family-owned construction management firm focused exclusively on contemporary designed custom homes and extensive renovations.

Drawing upon a combined experience of over 80 years in construction, building technology, architecture and financial management, SK Build brings together a unique blend of insight and expertise to support its core belief that construction should and can be managed in a professional, design-focused manner with cost transparency. SK Build’s team leverages the knowledge and expertise of a seasoned builder, an award-winning architect and a former corporate finance executive to provide a balanced approach to each project with a focus on design and quality while maintaining financial accountability.

SK Build’s design-focused approach and dedication to contemporary design is driven by their passion for clean, modern architecture. Their appreciation for detail and respect for the design vision ensures the SK Build value-engineering process remains mindful of the original ambitions, desires and design intent of the client. It is this holistic approach to design, budget and construction that has enabled SK Build to forge genuine relationships with their clients based on trust, integrity and a shared passion for contemporary design

SK Build. Professional, design-focused construction management with financial transparency.